Restaurants & Retirement Homes

Mitch loves to perform in small venues close to home, and is a perfect addition to a fine dining experience.

And the retirement homes love it when he comes to visit!

Restaurant entertainment, vocalist

Retirement home entertainment

From the great old hits to the best known romantic ballads, Mitch is a perfect choice for these venues and has over 20 yrs experience performing them!

Call Mitch directly to book. 905-333-5004


Steppin Out

  I Left My Heart In San Francisco


"Mitch Seekins provides the consummate musical show, with wonderful songs and of course, his enduring appeal as a performer. Treating the music of Tony Bennett and other popular singers with great respect, he still manages to breathe – and sing ‐ his own attitude and talent into each number.”
Claudia Staines

"The program was GREAT!! Mitch is a dream to work with and we so enjoyed him."
Vivian McCain



Contact Mitch Today! Phone: 905-333-5004